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3D scanning

We provide highly accurate non-contact 3D scanning services with GOM’s optical scanner for engineering, design, art, restoration, replication, inspection and other projects.

High-precision contactless 3D scanning

Narrow wavelength blue light technology guarantees precision independent of ambient lighting. The resulting file is a point cloud converted to a grid (STL / OBJ) that can be 3D printed or converted to STEP or a similar CAD format for editing if changes are required.

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In contactless 3D scanning, a combination of sensors and algorithms is employed to capture the geometry, texture, and spatial information of the target object. These sensors emit or project light patterns onto the object’s surface and measure the reflected or deformed patterns to calculate precise measurements. By capturing multiple viewpoints or using sophisticated algorithms to analyze images, the system can reconstruct the object’s shape and texture in a digital format.

3D scanning is a precise, economical and fast solution for:

3D printing
Digital modeling
Quality control
Rapid Prototyping
Reverse engineering
CNC machining

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