IT support

young it service man repairing computer

You don’t have an expert to solve your IT problems within the company and you are unable to hire an additional employee? We can help!

Creation of 3D models

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Whether you have an initial idea, a partially built CAD model, or just need help with your model, we can help and build for you.

3D Printing

d printing progress

Our 3D printing solutions and services will enable you to design and create prototypes and tools and bring ideas and products to market much faster than you could in the past.

Reversible engineering

industry worker developing machinery gears product engineering industrial turbine production computer home freelancer working construction manufactory with creative software

Reversible engineering is an engineering method that reverses the production cycle. The finished product is reconstructed into a form from which new parts and tools can be made.

3D scanning

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We provide highly accurate non-contact 3D scanning services with GOM’s optical scanner for engineering, design, art, restoration, replication, inspection and other projects.