IT support

You don’t have a professional person who would solve your IT problems within the company and you are not able to hire an additional employee?

3D modeling

Whether you have an initial idea, a partially crafted CAD model, or just need help with your model, we can help and design for you.

3D printing

Developing your idea to a new dimension! Our 3D printing technology solutions will enable you to design and create prototype models and tooling on demand and bring ideas and products to market much faster than you could in the past.

Reversible engineering

Reversible engineering is a method of engineering that turns the production cycle in the opposite direction. The finished product is reconstructed into a shape from which new parts and tools can be made.

3D scanning

We provide high-precision contactless 3D scanning services, GOM’s optical scanner for engineering, design, art, restoration, replication, inspection, and other projects.

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